Drafting a Raglan Shirt (2) – Ein Raglan Shirt entwerfen (2)

Last week I showed you here how I drafted a raglan shirt based on my basic bodice and sleeve patterns. I’m glad to show you the outcome today.

You can never have enough jeans – Jeans hat man nie genug

I think everyone agrees when I say you can never have enough jeans. So I decided to give it a try and sew a pair up myself.

Drafting a raglan shirt (Part 1) – ein Raglan-Shirt entwerfen (Teil 1)

What is the difference between a raglan and a normal shirt?

Sewing a pencil case for my kid – Selbstgenähtes Mäppchen

Here in Germany, kids take these huge pencil case s with them, where they not only keep their pencils, but also small scissors, rulers, etc. They are usually made of…

Sailor Top By Fancy Tiger Crafts

Today I finished sewing my Sailor Top blouse. This is a pattern by Fancy Tiger Crafts and it is available in different formats: PDF, paper pattern or even as a…

Wristlet Bag

Normally, when cutting out your fabric, you cut off the selvage edge and throw it away. But this time, I found the edge to be really neat and thought about…

Sewing with Toilet Paper? – Mit „Klopapier“ nähen?

You know that moment, when you start sewing and the beautiful, delicate fabric gets puckered into the sewing machine? Here is the solution, use toilet paper!

Rosaroma Bag – Part 2

Dear Readers, liebe LeserInnen, Let’s see what we made of our new pattern, the Rosaroma Bag 😉 Lasst uns mal sehen, was wir aus unserem neuen Schnittmuster, der Rosaroma Tasche,…

Rosaroma Bag – Part 1

Liebe LeserInnen, dear Readers, I ‚ve been working on another bag pattern and for a certain reason, which you will see later, I named it the Rosaroma bag. Here is…